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If you are paying for your request, yours will take prioroty over requests being done for Vampirefreaks. Make sure you read my rules before requesting.

How payments work:
- All payments will be made through Paypal; if you do not have Paypal, Facebook Messenger will work.
- For graphics, I must receive the payment before giving you the finished graphics. You do not need to pay me until the graphics have been finished. I always save PSD files so if something on the graphic needs to be changed, I would be happy to change it for you.
- For layouts, you do not need to pay me until the layout is finished and you have seen a preview. I will be happy to make any changes you'd like to the layout as this is for you. Once you are 100% happy with the results, you'll need to pay me the full amount. You will receive the layout coding (and graphics if it is a package) after I have received payment.


Click Here to Request Graphics
$0.50 - Set of 5 usertitles ($0.15 for each after 5)
$0.50 - Character Tag
$1.15 - Set of 3 Character Tags
$1.00 - Photo Touch-up
$2.25 - Set of 3 Photo Touch-ups
$0.75 - Stamp or Mini Banner
$1.75 - Set of 3 Stamps or Mini Banners
$0.75 - Icon/Avatar
$1.75 - Set of 3 Icons/Avatars
$1.50 - Regular Banner
$3.50 - Set of 3 Regular Banners
$2.00 - Invite Banner
$4.00 - FB Cover Photo
$4.00 - Layout Header (max size 800px by 500px)
$6.00 - Large Layout Header (bigger than 800px by 500px)
$6.00 - Desktop Wallpaper (provide screen resolution)


Click Here to Request Layouts
$8.00 - VF Profile Layout

$12.00 - VF Cult Layout

$17.00 - VF Cult Package
----- The VF cult package includes a cult layout, a notification template, 1 invite banner, 3 regular banners, 2 mini banners, 2 icons, and 5-7 usertitles.

$20.00+ - Domain Layout
----- All domain layouts start at $20 each simply because more work and time must go into them. Upon an agreement with you, the price will increase if the layout is more complicated.