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Rules to Request

Like any designer, I do have a few rules you must follow if you wish to request from me. As long as you follow these rules, we won't have any problems. However, I do reserve the right to deny your request should one of these rules not be followed. I do not ask much of you so please respect these rules.

01. If you are requesting a graphic/layout for use on Vampirefreaks, all VF's TOS must be followed. The same goes for any site where you plan to use what you are requesting.
02. If you have any questions for me before or after you submit a request, please ask using any of my contact methods. There is no such thing as a stupid question.
03. Once you have submitted your request, have patience and do not hassle me. I work full time and am pregnant with my child so I only have so much free time.
04. Fill out the request forms completely with as much information as you could give. If you are giving me free reign in any aspect, please add a note in that section.
05. I will not completely any requests with full nudity photos or racist content. As silly as it sounds, I have a huge fear of clowns so I will not work with photos of clowns.