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Hey, there! I'm Michelle. I'm 25-years-young and I live in sunny Southwest Florida with my husband, two cats, and betta fish. We're also expecting our first baby so we're both so overwhelmed with excitement! That also means I have a lot of time where I'm just sitting on my bum so here I am! Designing is a hobby I greatly enjoy but I still need much improvement. I do most of my designing for Vampirefreaks but will occasionally do a little outside of the site. I actually have a professional portfolio I'm slowly working on getting set up in hopes of one day turning this into a career. At the very least, I'd love to design freelance and something on the side of another job.

I've been on Vampirefreaks since about 2009 and started designing probably about a year after joined. I recently took nearly a year hiatus from this site and from designing but I've been back and have been pleased to see that coding is just like riding a bike. My graphics need the most improvement and while my coding is pretty good, I'm still learning new things every day. I would love and appreciate constructive criticism from anyone who requests any work from me as that's one way I'll definitely improve. Feel free to browse around my portfolio and use some of my premade work, as well. If you have any questions about me, my site, or my work, just ask!

You can contact me through the following ways:
Vampirefreaks: My profile
Facebook: My page
Email: michellera92@gmail.com