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Welcome to Daylight Dreams Designs

First post! - August 17th, 2018

Hello and welcome to my new and improved portfolio! I took a hiatus from VF and designing for around a year but I'm back and so far I've been doing pretty good. I wanted to completely redo my portfolio from scratch so I have a new domain name and am uploading nothing but new content. I love the name of my portfolio, though, so I decided to just stick with it. I'll be very slowly working on a professional portfolio as well in an attempt to eventually turn this into a career, or at least a freelance job on the side.

On top of adding new content, I'm also going to start hosting. So if you have a portfolio or web site you'd like to get started, I'd be happy to help! You can view my hosting information by clicking the link under my "Site Info". If you already have a site set up but just need a fancy new layout, feel free to request one! Or just any graphics/layouts in general...

But anyways... please browse around. Let me know your thoughts and opinions, let me know if you find a mistake anywhere on my site, and drop me a comment in my chat box!

- Michelle